In 2018, Your Meltdown WILL Be Televised.

So yesterday, if you were working anywhere within five square miles of a screen connected to the internet, you got to witness a public meltdown of which this political junkie has never encountered. Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg - who was initially canned, then reinstated, after facilitating Trump’s sprawling BuzzFeed interview with McKay Coppins back in 2014 - busted open his figurative rolodex and called seemingly every reporter on the planet, embarking on a half-day of insane live interviews and quotes. Why? Because Nunberg received a two-page subpoena from Robert Mueller and he decided he didn’t want to comply. Until he said he would, “after speaking with several reporters and appearing on multiple cable television shows over the course of the day.”

I’m not going to recap the bonkers claims and statements Nunberg made throughout the day because I’m sure your favorite reporter was one of those called. But I wanted to highlight the kicker for Hunter Walker’s piece over on Yahoo, which included “Shortly before he hung up, he proclaimed his status as a trending topic on social media. “No. 1 on Twitter!”

But this meltdown of truly 2018 proportions may also have been a rock-bottom of uniquely Trumpian coverage (ratings!) And don’t get me wrong, I was as glued to my twitter feed as the rest of y’all yesterday. But Nunberg’s friends are petrified that he was wasted throughout the day yesterday, and CNN host Erin Burnett told him on air that she “smelled alcohol” on his breath yesterday. And if he truly was intoxicated and nuking his already-radioactive career on national television, I hope he gets the help he needs (“but for the grace of God…”) then gets his butt into Mueller’s office and spills all the tea he desires.

In other awful news…

You know back in November how Trump trumped (heh) his own Fish and Wildlife service when they said they would be “allowing hunters who kill elephants in Zimbabwe and Zambia to import their trophies into the US again” after a public hue and cry? Yea, so he knows there are far too many other things we’ve been yelling about lately, so he’s reversing his reversal. I’m glad his large sons can now bring tails home for Daddy’s approval.

From CNN: In Italy's elections, the fascists did scarily well COOLCOOLCOOLCOOLCOOLCOOLCOOL.

The Trump Organization “ordered a set of presidential seal replicas for its golf course tee markers.” UGH.

Bernie Sanders’ son seems like a nice guy (eternal eye roll.)

And finally, from the Guardian: “Facebook asks users: should we allow men to ask children for sexual images?”