In 2020, We Are All That Lonely Calgary Turkey.

Lovelies! Happy Monday, and happy day…ummm…whatever of this here quarantine. I had my least productive weekend of isolation, and I’m damn proud of it: I watched nearly the entire season of “Too Hot Too Handle” (I’m not a dating show fan generally, but when Friend of the Missive Aaron suggests you watch trashy reality TV knowing you never watch trashy reality TV, and swears it’ll be hilarious yet somehow insightful trashy reality TV, you watch it, enjoy it, and pummel him with live texts about how insane the whole thing is,) baked a loaf of challah and sunk more fully into #carblife, and then sat on an empty Ocean Beach and read an historical horror novel. 

The excitement never ends at Chez Amy, let me tell you.


Y’all are great. Be kind to each other, mmmkay?

Xoxo Amy