In-Flight Wifi and the Infinite Gladness

Oh hey my darlings, I feel like it’s been ages since we’ve talked! As I embarked on a short week between East Coast jaunts, with a celebration of Jack and Nataly in between, I just wasn’t able to sit down and write anything. And I actually missed it, truly missed writing to you in the mornings.

Internet is a bit spotty on my flight and I’ve had 5 cups of coffee on an empty stomach, but did I read that Sanders might debate Trump? And then North America will fall into the sea?

Meanwhile, The Atlantic continues trying to Oscar-music-out the Sanders campaign.

On another (personal) note...

I’m writing this while in the air on a flight from SFO to EWR in order to attend my 10th Princeton Reunion, so I’m obviously feeling nostalgic, reflective and a bit nervous. It's been a really big and hard few years, and there's a lot to ponder. I’ve recently had a few people come up to me at events I’ve attended and tell me how much they enjoy the Missive. I also receive near daily affirmations via text, message and email from readers/friends saying they read it every morning and pass it on to new readers. I cannot describe to you how much it means to me for your morning attention and support. What started as a way for me to channel my hummingbird anxious energy and re-find my voice after I stopped drinking has turned into a daily exercise, meditation, training session, and I’m so happy I can share it with you.

It’s a pleasure to have even a moment of your attention every day.

Thank you.