[Insert funny subject line to obscure our bleak existence]

Yesterday, 217 Republicans passed a bill taking healthcare away from 24 million Americans, so that those making more than 200k can get a sweet, sweet tax break. A bill that that makes "rape, postpartum depression, c- sections and surviving domestic violence” pre-existing conditions for which insurance companies can charge more to cover. A bill that passed in a week, with no Congressional Budget Office score and no hearings. A bill so bad that they made sure they exempted Congress's own healthcare.

FYI y’all, I’m a walking pre-existing condition and if you’re a woman or have lived in the world for a day or two, you’re probably in the same boat.

Last night, I was at Whole Foods and saw a little girl, maybe six, sitting in a cart. She was pale and bald, with no brows and dark circles under her eyes. She made eye contact with me as she laughed at a silly voice her Mum made. I turned away and burst into tears in the deli, because Congress thinks she should be penalized for the rest of her life for her preexisting condition: cancer.

I have many thoughts and may have rage-typed for two hours last night, but it’s not in a state to share with humans as of yet. So here’s some stuff to distract you today from craven politicians.

How I feel right now: