Is Describing Why I Am Fascinated With The History and Origins Of Cults A Good First Date Conversation Topic, And Other Topics I Ruminate On When I Make Coffee.

My dearests, how are we doing this morning? How are your stress levels? Have you booked off some time this summer to take a break? Do you have time today to get outside, or take a lunch break, or get your heart rate up? You know I worry about you taking care of yourself, so please do your best to take care of yourself, not unlike this adorable otter I give to you.

And hey, why don’t you think about taking a moment to reach out to someone in your life you’ve been thinking about, that person you’ve been wanting to say hi to, or clear up something with, or thank, or cry with, or all of the above! I got a call yesterday from a dear friend to talk about something I wrote last week, and it meant the world to get to connect with them one on one, contemplate tough things, and remember how happy and lucky I am to have them in my life. Follow your gratitude and reach out to others if you are so inclined, don’t wait for the “right” reason to do so, you don’t know how much it might mean to that person (thank you for coming to my off-brand TED talk).

To the internet, let’s gooooooooooooo!

Keep going. Wear a mask. And be kind to yourself, please.

Xoxo Amy