It’s a Sheetcake Party, and You’re Alllllllll Invited

Hot diggity damn I’ve missed Tina Fey. Last night on the weird summertime version of SNL’s Weekend Update, she introduced us to the glorious concept of “Sheetcaking,” a “grassroots movement” involving purchasing a sheet cake from a local minority-owned bakery and shoveling it in your mouth while screaming your existential woes into its sweet, sweet frosting. I am not making a joke here: I will meet anyone, anywhere if they bring a sheetcake, as long as it's a good one. And you bring ice cream, because proper pairings or GTFO.

It seems that the new iOS 11 has a feature wherein you can easily lock your phone and disable Touch ID. The Verge speculates utilizing the feature to prevent law enforcement from forcing fingerprint unlocks.

I don't understand a single thing in this here Techmeme headline:
Once again, Racked reads into my soul with “Grown Women, Please Don’t Dress Like Toddlers.” And while I don’t believe in body/clothing shaming, and generally think that women shouldn’t have a bunch of external voices telling them what to wear, the fact that some elements of the fashion industry are constantly pushing such infantilizing bullshit makes me all sorts of grumpy. Ladies, we are timeless warriors. Let’s dress like we’re going off to battle.

McSweeney’s, please take us home: As Your Doctor, I Am Protesting The Removal Of Your Tumor Because I Don’t Want To Erase Your Medical History.

Have a great weekend, sweethearts :)