It's About #Ethics in Content Marketing

In case anyone needs a podcast to listen to on the way to work, and doesn’t mind foul language and extended riffs on Tim Curry saying “Cheese Pizza,” might I suggest you subscribe to My Brother, My Brother and Me post haste. Friend of the Missive Adam W. suggested it to me a few years ago, and it’s now one of my treasured weekly distractions from the futility of our bleak existence.

And the specific reason I recommend them to you today is that Splitsider covered a sponsored episode the Brothers did a few months back - an ep that was actually good and funny. Instead of trying to hide the financial influence, they named the episode the The McElroy Family Fun Hour brought to you by Totino’s Pizza Rolls and leaned the hell into that theme. From a pizza roll power hour (barf) to pizza roll-themed questions - MBMBAM is an ‘advice show’ featuring write-in qs and gems from Yahoo! answers - the entire hour is a remarkable take the whole “making money from content” conceit.

Anyhoo, now that you’ve got your next hundred hours of listening material lined up, on to that futilely bleak existence I mentioned. So after a bunch of senators promised that, no, nope, no way, no how were they ever going to allow Obama to nominate a SCOTUS replacement for Scalia, the GOP seems to be walking back that extreme rhetoric. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) said that Republican Senators run the risk of "being obstructionists,” - UH YEA - and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassly (R-IA) said he’d wait until he knew who got the nod.

President Obama laid out his constitutional hot take in classic troll form, saying he was “amused” that self-proclaimed originalists were claiming a nom can only happen “on off years.” Next he’ll be telling the Senators he’s concerned about their actual constitutional understanding, and that he’s just here to make sure they don’t embarrass themselves. As the Boston Globe pointed out, too late.

As we continued to venture further into this madness, good to step back and remember that none of us are unbiased, no matter how much we scream we are on Twitter. Tom Scocca at Gawker wrote on his history with and opinions of the Clintons. It’s a great example of how full disclosure can be effective and still a damn good story / opinion piece.

And finally, irrationally happy that American Airlines just shot first in the war for better in-air wifi <— sentence I never thought I’d write. Get your shit together, Gogo.

I leave you with Facebook ads I get served everyday :/

Toodles, loves!