It's too early (in the week) for this shit.

Happy Monday, my darlings. Jonathan Teo, the co-founder and managing partner of Binary Capital, has a few things to say. If you haven’t been following the story, I suggest you read this overview in the Mercury News. But now, after resigning and initially apologizing for his own role in Binary’s sexual harassment scandal, Teo is blaming - via email leak to Dan Primack - “blunt-tooled media activists” for his troubles. That’s right, even on the Left Coast we now blame the media for less-than-fawning coverage.

But what truly pisses me off from an email to his portfolio company CEOs is this statement: “I am angry that women have felt hurt.” Those eight little words say so much about how SV approaches sexism: “have felt hurt.” As opposed examining what may have caused that hurt, he’s angry that some women are interpreting situations incorrectly. My dudes, this whole uproar isn’t about “feelings.” It’s about the seemingly-systemic power imbalance between the genders in our industry, and how these sexually-charged incidents, as well as the “thousands of cuts” happening daily, leave a toxic bro culture in its wake.

And while we’re at it, let’s stop exalting the public apologies, ok?

Meanwhile, Trump tweeted about starting an “impenetrable Cyber Security unit” with Putin and ahhhhhhh I haven’t had enough coffee to deal with this shit, I’m out.