It's Too Early On A Monday To Craft A Subject Line, So I'll Just Say CHEESE OLYMPICS FTW.

Dearests! TOMORROW, I curate and host Odd Salon HERO at Public Works in San Francisco. So grab yourself a ticket or two and come say hi to our merry band of nerds. If you like me screaming in your inbox every morning, you’ll LOVE it when someone gives me a microphone and a room of 200+ fellow dorks.

Speaking of which, I’ve spent most of the weekend editing the Odd Salon keynote presentation and cutting down on my invocation script, so I don’t have as much today, but hopefully the below can help you kick off your week.

  • I finished Ronan Farrow’s Catch and Kill on Friday and I must insist you all read it, if not for his accounts of jaw-dropping corporate espionage then to fall deeply in love with him and his fiancee Jon Lovett (Pod Save America.) I normally don’t stan celebrity couples but OMG THEY ARE THE SWEETEST and you have to listen to Jon host Ronan on Lovett or Leave It this past weekend, it is hardcore sweetly sarcastic intellectual relationship #goals.

  • Pour one out for Beto O’Rourke’s campaign, and give this POLITICO piece on how O’Rourke went from Dem party savior to ex-presidential candidate in a relatively short amount of time. And now he’s not running for any office, instead of running in the Texas senate race, and that makes me grumpy, because come on man. Go for that senate seat already.

  • For consideration: Opinion: I Asked Joe Biden A Tough Question, So He Called Me A Child. He Wants To Be President?

  • And finally, can someone be a doll and let me know how I might become a judge at the World Cheese Awards? And congrats to Oregon’s Rogue Creamery for winning best of show for a cave-aged, pear-liquer-soaked-syrah-grape-leaf-wrapped blue cheese that costs $235 a wheel. And btw, if the answer to my previous q is that I have to go to some kind of cheese school to qualify to be a judge, SIGN ME UP FOR CHEESE SCHOOL ALREADY.

You’re all great. See you tomorrow morning, and be kind to each other, and yourselves!

xoxo Amy