It’s February: Do You Know Where YOUR Newsletters Are?

Darlings! I guess a sportsball game happened last night and my adopted town’s team lost to a city that POTUS mis-stated  and there was someone outside my apartment window revving their engine angrily which is the only way I knew that the match was complete because I instead was playing Kesha on guitar and prepping for the week.

You’ve likely noticed, The Missive has migrated! And if you’re reading this email, it means it didn’t get sent to your spam and/or promotions, so that’s great! And if you’re not reading it… well… let’s hope a friend sends it to you or you click it on Twitter or I dunno… something else? Whatever: if you’re reading this, you’re OG and awesome.


Toodles! Send this here newsletter to a friend, and be kind to each other!

Xoxo Amy