I've Been Staring At The Wall Trying To Think Of A Subject Line And Now Need More Coffee, So This Is What We Get.

Is anyone else out there every mosquito’s favorite dish? I went for a lovely walk with two of my cousins last night, as the Calgary sun began to set low on the horizon, golden orange as rays filtered through wildfire-laced skies, a great chance to talk and laugh and spend time with the bestest doggo Penny (dog tax below, which autocorrect initially changed to “god tax” and I am taking as a personal attack). But despite wearing long sleeves and bug spray, and never stopping to stand around, mosquitos left welts on my hands, legs and… waistline?!? How did they do that?!?!

Anyhoo, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be constantly reapplying Benadryl topical and cursing those blood-sucking insects. And here’s a photo of said cousin Laura’s pup for your morning dopamine hit:


You’re swell. Stand up right now and fill up your water glass, take a deep breath in for a four count, exhale slowly on an eight count, and stretch a bit from side to side. You’ve got this.

xoxo Amy