I've Kept Succulents Alive For Over Two Months, And For That I Deserve A Gold Star, Thank You Very Much.

Good morning, my doves! I had the ultra-unfortunate experience this morning of my alarm going off and me thinking “ugh, why is my alarm going on a Saturday morning?” It was, dear reader, not Saturday morning. So yes, I’ve already been existentially let down today, so we can only go up from here.


Oh, you wanted to see a photo of Orca, who arrives in my home on October 1st? Well of course, I shall oblige you since you asked so nicely (and yes, it is a screenshot of an Instagram Live video because sometimes technology is good.)

That’s it, that’s all! Be kind to yourself, get outside today if you can, and don’t forget to drink some water, mmmkay?

xoxo Amy