I’ve Reached The “Online Shopping For A Flowy And Dramatic 30s-Style Robe” State Of The Pandemic. Recommendations Welcome!

Dearests! It’s still dark in San Francisco, and there’s a lone bird outside just warbling his feathered head off despite the lack of light, and I say we all aspire to embrace that kind of optimism today and for the rest of the week. 

Speaking of which, I asked this on Twitter yesterday, but I’ve got a request for you: I had a long convo with a friend this weekend on how we've both reached a stage of this pandemic wherein it's really hard to find joy in things that we did before (as previously discussed in this here Missive.) So tell me, readers: how are you finding and marking moments of joy right now? What are the things you are doing to celebrate moments of light in your day?


  • Run, don’t walk, to go watch that video of the cat lawyer: ‘I’m not a cat’: Lawyer accidentally activates kitten filter during virtual court hearing.  A reminder that I am fully in the “everyone needs to remember that even after a near-year of this nonsense, we are still attempting employment normalcy whilst working in our homes,” so bring on the silly filters, rambunctious pets and noisy children. In fact, show me your favorite filters, your dog’s new sweater, your kids’s drawing. Hell, if you’re like me and living alone, show me the bread you made yesterday! I will never get made at anyone for daring to have a life while navigating all of this madness. And to my attorney readers who do Zoom court day in and day out… I salute you. Seems stressful as all heck. (Daily Dot).

  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois may not be my congressman, or a member of my party, but history will remember him for being one of the brave few to stand up against his own party and say NO: My fellow Republicans, convicting Trump is necessary to save America (Washington Post)

  • Speaking of the impeachment trial, this is awkward: Scholar says Trump's lawyers misrepresented his research in preparing impeachment defense (Reuters)

  • And also, I live for Tim Miller’s accounts of this impeachment trial over at The Bulwark - Bruce Castor: The Disaster Artist. I mean, come on, doesn’t this opening graf just make you giddy? “Bruce Castor’s opening statement in defense of former President Donald Trump was one of the worst presentations I have ever seen by a public speaker, in any context.”

  • As you and any of my poor colleagues who’ve endured a deep edit from me know, opinion pieces on punctuation ARE MY JAM: The Case for Semicolons (The New York Times)

  • And finally, I love this child and appreciate him holding truth to power: 8-Year-Old Calls Out NPR For Lack Of Dinosaur Stories. (NPR

Be kind and good to yourself, and don’t forget to drink some water today, ok?

xoxo Amy