Joking About Subject Line Humor is Hack Newsletter Humor, But It's All I've Got In Me This Morning.

Living, breathing humans! I was amongst you yesterday! I donned your dressings, participated in my place of employment, consumed a dairy-free latte, perhaps even “smiled” and “laughed” and “sent out emails”! For the worst may be over. Nothing makes one more pleased—nay, overjoyed—to see and feel the fog more than doing so after a weekend ensconced in one’s own horror illness, far afield from the land of the living.

Which is good, because there’s a SPITE-themed Odd Salon tonight (doors open at 6:30!) and that seems appropriate for my #mood.


  • Last night was the Met Gala! Lots of folks wore lots of things.

  • Nothing to see here, just more than 450 former federal prosecutors all got together to sign a statement that, was it not for the pesky “office” that he “holds,” Trump’s conduct as described in the Mueller report would “result in multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice.”

  • OMG! The vaping congressman may have submitted a statement into the congressional record nearly identical to language written by a Russian lobbyist and a GOP strategist! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!? How embarrassing. That’s why I always text my friends what I’m wearing before we go out. To prevent embarrassing moments like that.

  • This could probably go on Reading List, but you might as well get an early week head start on your longreads: a New York Review of Books piece on three new books on the history of vaccines that starts with the author recalling taking trips to an Edinburgh graveyard close to his hospital, where he sees graves of children who died before a collective modern medicine could prevent their illness, and the illnesses of their siblings. From there, it’s a delicate exploration of the history and culture of vaccines, and these three new books that chronicle them. Great read.

  • And finally, it’s now possible to add images, GIFs and videos to quote-tweets, which I am pleased by. And if you have no idea what that sentence means, congrats on a living existence free from the excitement of the possibility for an infinite GIFception that spans the entire internet.

You’re great. Be kind to each other.

Xoxo Amy