Jumping Into Thursday Like An Creature That Is Really, Really Good At Jumping... i need coffee

Good morning, lovelies! Today’s a bit nutty on my end, so this is going to be a pocket-sized Missive. But don’t worry, there’s an extra-dense Reading List tomorrow since I didn’t send one last week!


  • David Ingram’s piece on research that reveals that hate groups are suuuuuuuper good at adapting to the hate speech prevention tactics online platforms throw at them doesn’t cause me existential anxiety. No, of course it doesn’t. Nope. This is fine. [Hyperventilates into a paper bag]

  • Former MO Secretary of State Jason Kander served in Afghanistan, and back in October revealed publicly that he was suffering from PTSD from his time as an intelligence officer overseas. Over at Crooked Media, he and his wife Diana published a piece on Five Lies We Tell Ourselves About Trauma, a conversation on the ways both of them have suffered in the wake of his deployment. This anecdote about control really spoke to me: “Early on, my therapist at the V.A. asked me what percentage of my daily life I believed I could control. My answer was 85 percent… In reality, he said, the truth is actually about three percent.”

  • Oh cool, stalkers are using black market telecom data to harass victims. Great dystopia we live in here.

Uggggh, I need something positive to end on… so let’s end on this adorable tweet.

Be kind to each other, and see you tomorrow.
xoxo Amy