Just One Click: Human Sheep as Performance Art

Between the high holidays and work being cray, I’ve not had time for delicate prose or “self” “editing” or reading the internet as much as usual this week.

So there’s just one thing for you to look at this morning. Which I will only give to you if you promise to read up on Graham-Cassidy and call your senator TODAY.

So here you are, my darlings: I have no idea why in the hell these grown-ass humans are dressed up as and acting like sheep in what is a very-public demonstration of… art? but I sure in hell know I would have totally suited up like that if a college student theater project had asked for it. I’m looking at you, Greg, and yes, I demand to be either the black sheep or the really loud one at the top of the video. Once a diva…

Love you guys and hope to have more for you next week!

(Yes I know those are goats not sheep, don't @ me)