Just One Thing: Read McKay Coppins’s New Jam

Look, it’s Monday, it's early, and I bet y’all need a bit more caffeine injected into your face, but what if you really just need one of the more buckwild political interviews of 2019? Especially since a bunch of you sent this my way, AND it was all over Twitter, AND it’s authored by one of my favorite journalists?

McKay Coppins interviewing an unleashed Mitt Romney is CHEF’S KISS. If y’all remember, Coppins has been a unique chronicler of all things Republican over the last few years, and his 2014 piece on then-not-quite-candidate Trump is rumored to have irked the orange one so fully that it may have fueled his campaign for President.

Coppins sitting down with Romney is delightful (“in the nine years I’ve been covering Romney, I’ve never seen him quite so liberated,”) and you know it is delightful because at one point Romney points out how unhappy his ever-watching press aides must be by what he’s saying.

Best line, after Coppins attempts to use a political metaphor to illustrate why some members of the GOP still support him; Romney is having NONE OF IT: “I am playing devil’s advocate; he is attempting an exorcism.”

And then there’s the bit about Romney’s secret, lurking Twitter account, which led to this delightful interchange with Friend of the Missive Dr. Haley.

It’s good. Read it now. And be kind to each other!

Xoxo Amy