Leslie Jones in Rio!

There is only one magical thing you need to know today, and that is that NBC is actually sending Leslie Jones, of Ghostbusters, SNL and awesome twitter fame, to Rio to interview athletes and be her amazing self at the Summer Olympic Games.

I freaking LOVE Leslie Jones, and not just because she swears as much IRL as I would like to all the time. I love Leslie Jones because she gives a shit. Because she’s enthusiastic, and she doesn’t try and act cool and not get emotional knowing that an event that brings people together from across the world to showcase general human badassery isn’t damned magical, I love that she loves watching super human achievements even when they involve sports like the modern pentathlon, which my husband has dubbed the true Gentleman’s Sport.

So when Leslie's Olympic tweets got the attention of nearly all of twitter, NBC made the right move and agreed to send her on the ground.

And if you need a sample of what it all might be like with her as a commentator, watch Game of Jones from Late Night.