Let's Talk About 2020 (HA lol jk.)

Darlings! It’s the morning after the midterms. Dems took back the house and many governorships. But despite those (IMHO pretty great) results, it was a weeeeeeeeird and mixed night as the GOP strengthened their majority in the Senate, a bipartisan bunch of crooks, liars and (alleged) racists won bids for reelection, and voting machines in many states just didn’t work.

But overall, what have we learned? If you don’t like your elected officials, run to replace them. Voting rocks. Women get shit done. I’ll never get sick of a voting sticker selfie. I am super sick of constant election anxierty. And most importantly, Gritty 2020.

Some takeaways:

I’ll read the hot takes today so that you don’t have to, and we’ll check in tomorrow morning, mmmmmkay?

Xoxo Amy