Lonely Emotional Labo(u)rs: the Tyranny of Gogo In-Flight

Today’s missive comes from 30,000 feet on Virgin America wheeeeee! I say this every time I fly, but guys, we have the technology to get in a tin can and fly across the country, and send silly little newsletters while we do so! THE FUTURE IS NOW. But then I also complain about the fact that Gogo has a monopoly on in-flight internet and it is le worst, which is why there are no pretty pictures today.

Today in badasses: Saba Ahmed, the president and founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition, who appeared on Megan Kelly to spar with Trump’s spokesperson, all the while wearing a glorious American flag hijab. Ms. Ahmed, I salute you. Seems like I've read a ton of pieces on gender equality challenges in the workplace in the past week - though I am aware how my own POV contributes to confirmation bias. For your perusal:

And finally, if you haven’t watched the video of classic movie dance scenes set to Uptown Funk, I don’t know if we can be friends, because I mean COME ON it’s excellent :)

Good day, doodles!
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