Look, A Fever Dream Is Just A Subconscious Hot Take. Please Take My Laptop From Me.

Hey cuties, how’re your weeks treating you? Have you been drinking enough water? How’s your sleep schedule? Have you been eating well? Take care of yourself!

Yesterday, Trump’s former attorney and poor man’s Henry Winkler Michael Cohen testified in front of congress. And for the first time in years, I wasn’t watching it for work, instead engaging in job stuff unrelated to the current terrifying meltdown of our societal norms and structures (I mean, what else do you call it when the witness says he fears what happens if Trump loses in 2020? Woof.)

But if anyone’s gonna save us from ourselves, it’s AOC and her meticulous preparation, determined and measured questioning approach, and ability to resist grandstanding in order to use her five minutes of questioning to lay out a foundation for subpoenaing POTUS’s tax returns. And yes, I am a full-on AOC stan now, come at me.

Speaking of our end times, has anyone been watching this Masked Singer “Reality TV Fever Dream?” I know I’m late to this, but YouTube somehow got me watching reveals from that reality show abomination and I’m wondering if extraterrestrials are going to look at this show concept before invading and be like, “nah, we’re good.” But whatever, it's 6 AM and here I am watching a cartoon monster belting out I Don’t Wanna Be, so I’m really not one to judge anyone or anything at this point.

Rotten Tomatoes has changed their community content submission rules so that movies cannot be reviewed prior to release, to head off the legions of butthurt online trolls coming after Captain Marvel because, you know, ladies can’t be super heroes, y’all. 🤢🤢🤮

And finally, if I end up getting fired from my new job, it’s going to be because I laughed so hard out loud at this tweet for a JSTOR Daily story and ended up having to share it with the team because I interrupted them with my snort.

ILU JSTOR Daily, never change. But screw you, open office concepts!

You’re all lovely. Be kind to each other.

Xoxo Amy