♫ Lookin' For Some Hot Takes Baby This Mornin' 🎶

How y’all feeling this morning? Despite my not drinking, I woke up this morning with an incredulous existential hot take hangover, and I’m pretty sure the GOP establishment did as well. Politico’s calling it the day the Republican Party ruptured. The Hill is keeping a running tally of all of the Republicans who have said they won’t back Trump as the nominee. And Thomas Edsall at The New York Times is asking Why Trump Now?

There's more glee on the Dem side than I'd care to read about. Hey Hillcats: getting over-confident about a Trump matchup may prove disastrous. As I’ve told friends, this whole thing isn't over until someone takes the oath in January. It’s easy to get cocky - we all scoffed and said he wouldn’t make it a month and, well… Also: Bernie’s still in this thing so keep your head down and kick ass already.

And don’t forget: The real winner of Super Tuesday is Canada, as Americans across the country took one look at the Super Tuesday results, and got down to googling 'How to Move to Canada.’ And while it’s making for a cute story amongst some of us down here - I almost had to scream at a group of women saying how “expensive” Canada is, whilst in a downtown San Francisco yoga studio - this sort of “it’s not my country if he’s elected” sentiment frustrates me.

Democracy is democracy is democracy, whether the votes fall behind your candidate or not, and flippantly claiming you’ll just move to Canada if Trump is elected ignores the fact that this is America right now, and we must try to fix it. This anger, this embrace of a sad orange clown who incites violence is not something relegated to crazy relatives who fall outside of your carefully-curated Facebook feed. As the Super Tuesday numbers show us, he’s speaking to far more people than we’d assumed. So as my wise boss Scott said on the phone yesterday, “You know what I love? America.” If you’re upset with the tenor of this election, roll up your sleeves and do something about it. Volunteer. Read critically. Write letters. Organize meet-ups. Donate to charity.

And for the love of all things holy and good, register to vote.