Monday Reading List: Time To Listen, To Learn, To Act.

I spent the last two nights listening to helicopters circling San Francisco’s City Hall and The Mission while at home. My white privilege means I can do that, that I have benefited from rarely feeling this kind of fear and dread for the safety of myself, or the safety of our community.

Now, take that anxiety, compound it, and think about facing it every day of your damned life. Imagine waking up every morning to face a world structured so that you could be murdered in broad daylight for the color of your skin by individuals who are supposed to serve and protect every one of us.

So instead of talking about how I feel about the nationwide protests and the absolutely terrifying military responses from police forces across the country, please read and heed the words of black people and other people of color. 



  • Give to a bail fund to get protestors out of jail during a pandemic. Bailing them out right now is a matter of life and death.

  • Stacy Abrams’s Fair Fight, addressing voter suppression of people of color in the south and across the country

  • Southern Poverty Law Center, tracking and fighting hate groups across the country.

And if you have more, please send the suggestions in.

Xoxo Amy