Ms. Harris Has The Floor.

Good morning sweethearts. Former San Francisco District Attorney and now junior Senator of the great state of California Kamala Harris was at her prosecutorial best yesterday grilling Attorney General Sessions on what he knew and if he knew it and if he knows anything currently. I highly encourage you to watch her work as an example of a talented prosecutor’s needle-sharp line of questioning. A method that so bothered Sessions that Senator McCain felt the need to jump in and help him.

And as this Washington Post headline reflects, the reaction to Sen. Harris was as frustrating as expected: As a prosecutor, Kamala Harris’s doggedness was praised. As a senator, she’s deemed ‘hysterical.’ That’s right, a Trump surrogate actually called Harris “hysterical” on television. And CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers's reaction pretty much sums up my life.

And in other news, a twitter T Rex got into a forced “feud" with a twitter dictionary. As nature intended.