Murder, Seltzer, and Other Concepts Millennials Keep Ruining.

Happy Wednesday, fabulous folks. If you read one thing today, please let it be fantastic Erin Griffith's interview with my brain/wit crush Samantha Bee. So very good. So very very good.

And speaking of awesome women, dear friend Sarah G. shared Shine Theory in practice: Obama’s Female Staffers Came Up With a Genius Strategy to Make Sure Their Voices Were Heard.

I’m sure you’ve seen this if you know any “people” on “Facebook", but the first paragraph in this New York Times says it all: "The sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960s to play down the link between sugar and heart disease and promote saturated fat as the culprit instead, newly released historical documents show." GREAT FANTASTIC AWESOME <— that is sarcasm / deep despair if I wasn’t clear enough.

You all know that, as an elder millennial, I have OPINIONS that should be HEARD and HEEDED. So I encourage you to read up on all of the things, concepts, and societal pillars us millennials have straight up murdered. At least we haven’t ruined bubbly water? "The real winner: all of us living in this golden age of seltzer."

And if you’re heading on over to BuzzFeed, you might as well devote the next million years of your life to 19 Wikipedia Pages That’ll Send You Into A Week-Long Wikihole.

Friend of the missive Alex Wilhelm pointed out that Apple PR counts Canadians towards its diversity quotas. Psst: we don’t all look alike ;)

Uber started their self-driving cars service in Pittsburgh. It’s a brave new world, folks! Also on my radar: Sen. Ted Cruz at the ICANN hearing in DC.

And if you need a reminder as to why you don’t actually miss college, take a gander at this epic roommate move-in drama at UCLA.