Murderous Aquatic Weasel Cousins, and Other Furry Assassins

My treasures, Happy Wednesday! Here are a few links to get you through that-day-in-the-middle-of-the-week-which-I-refuse-to-refer-to-as-Hump-Day.

Back in college, one of my part-time jobs was teaching students and faculty members how to use softwares like Adobe inDesign and Photoshop so that they could start to design their own projects (Princeton’s New Media Center, wut wut!) So this Current Affairs article on the “pleasures” of self-taught page layout and graphic design gives me all the feels.

OTTER ALERT: I forgot to share this yesterday, but it’s near malpractice that I didn’t, since so many of you sent me this story. Up in my home and native land, an otter has camped its adorable furry butt next to a gorgeous outdoor pond filled with koi, and is mass-murdering and nomming on those very old and expensive fish to his belly’s content. And no one can catch or stop the damned thing. And from the Vancouver Sun, we learn that this river otter does not mess around: “after the otter was able to evade a set trap, stealing the bait and prancing off unscathed [my emphasis, naturally], officials are now forced to move the remaining koi.” And BTW, when I first read the Vancouver Sun headline “Chinatown koi evacuation begins as otter rampage claims 10th fatality,” my twisted brain missed the koi reference and I honest to Spaghetti Monster thought that an otter had murdered ten people, and somehow wasn’t surprised, because y’all KNOW otters are out to get us all.

And finally, do you know what it feels like to stumble on a corner of the internet that created seemingly for you and your precise interests? I do now: A digital archive of feminist struggle in Canada. Throw in a Gritty reference, and I'll never visit another website again.

Toodles! Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy