My Dogs Don't Care That the Election is in 21 Days.

Quick one this morning, since I hit snooze three times and my dogs need a walk.

This past weekend, a Republican HQ outside Durham, North Carolina was fire-bombed and someone spray painted “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” on the building. This act should horrify you, no matter which party you support - no one was injured, thank god, but I can’t imagine what the NCGOP volunteers are thinking this morning. As the Las Vegas Review-Journal said, "With just three weeks left until Election Day, the attack adds yet another layer of tension to a campaign season that has been marked by bitter fighting and extreme anger on both sides of the aisle.” I hope they get the office back up and running soon.

Give Recode a read this morning: despite tech billionaire Peter Thiel’s $1.25 million donation to the Trump campaign, the head of Y Combinator, Sam Altman, said he would not be removing Thiel as a “part-time” partner of the startup incubator. Altman tweeted, "YC is not going to fire someone for supporting a major party nominee.” And I agree with him, especially since Altman himself has given to (I assume?) Democratic causes this cycle. A difference in political beliefs should not impact an employee’s employment.

The dogs are practically sitting on my keyboard. See you tomorrow!