My Kingdom for a Houseplant.

My sweethearts, happiest of Tuesdays. I finally read The Circle after so many of you have asked if I had (is that a coded hint, readers?) Was it a good read? Yes! Was its depiction of our world addicted to the easy dopamine rush of a like or an instant message devastatingly accurate? Yes! Did it help with my general anxiety towards the state of the world? Oh hell no!

A reader passed on former Mexican president Vicente Fox’s comedic shot across the bow at “last year’s rotting Halloween pumpkin” by declaring his candidacy for POTUS via goat. It is so very, very good.

For the academically-minded readers out there: WHAT TO DO WHEN NAZIS ARE OBSESSED WITH YOUR FIELD.

Danielle Ivory, Ben Protess and Steve Eder at The New York Times dive into all the ways the Trump administration is using regulation to promote social conservatism. It’s an in-depth and amazingly reported piece. But reading about how lifelong DoJ lawyers are quitting after being asked to perform about-faces on established policy doesn't fortify my faith in institutions.

No, I haven’t seen ‘It,’ and hell no, I don’t plan on it. But I will chortle at McSweeney’s WHY I’M LEAVING DERRY, MAINE — A MEDIUM POST like I know what all the references mean. And while we’re talking about McSweeney’s, 20 LITERARY WOULD-YOU-RATHERS is my jam.

A new study shows that, when faced with an online fallacy, it’s far more effective to correct someone you know than to correct a stranger. What’s the polite way to drop this article into a Facebook flame war on climate change? Asking for a friend…

And finally, a headline I whole-heartedly resemble: Millennials are filling their homes — and the void in their hearts — with houseplants.

Hugs and love!