My Next Career: Shepherd Of Cumbersome Emotion And Maximalist Sentiment

Darlings! Happy Wednesday following what one of my colleagues delightfully described as “the Mondayest of Tuesdays.” I remembered to pick up coffee beans on my way home from work yesterday, so I feel like I’m basically the queen of life right now.

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You’re lovely, I’m here for you, let’s get to the internet!

  • Look, “technically” this is a “long read” and it “isn’t” “Friday,” but stop whatever you are doing and read this piece that friend of the Missive Colin sent, saying that “In some parts, the person writing this” was me: Carly Rae Jepsen’s Exhilarating, Emotionally Intelligent Pop Music. Sentence in point: “Any event, especially a romantic one, holds the possibility for maximalist sentiment: Jepsen roams these vistas of the heart, shepherding those of us whose thick, cumbersome emotions render us lonely and overwhelmed.” NOTE: I have not finished this piece, because it is EPIC and HUGE. So consider this your homework, and I look forward to your three bullet report on the thesis of this piece by morning. “Too Much”? Too bad. Ahhh, I crack myself up. 

  • No way this could go wrong, nope, no way this has been the start of a post-apocalyptic nightmare movie: Biologists rush to re-create the China coronavirus from its DNA code.

  • Though tbh I don’t know if the human race will survive long enough to experience it: More people die taking selfies than in shark attacks. We all know that the real lesson of this is that we should just leave sharks alone, right? 

  • And finally, happy tenth birthday Code for America, and fond wishes to departing founder and CEO Jennifer Pahlka. As this piece quotes SF’s new chief data officer, “What Jen Pahlka did was put a stake in the ground and create a broader call to action. It’s not as if this stuff wasn’t happening already, but it provided a useful rallying point…” I had the pleasure of working with CFA a couple years ago, and they remain one of my favorite clients of my career; I can’t wait to see what Jen does next. Much love and thanks to friend of the Missive Zoe who entertained my enthusiasm at a cocktail party before informing me she was looking for a PR firm.

You’re all delightful. Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy

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