My Pet Rabbit Only Travels By Acela, And Other Ineffective Pick-up Lines

Good morning, finest of humans! It’s the Wednesday of the first full week back at work of 2020, and I hope you are taking care of yourself. Did you remember your lunch? Are you drinking enough water? Have you decided on the best ways you will donate/volunteer for a candidate and/or cause that will contribute to voting in an actually-functioning adult to the highest job in the land?


  • Hey! Remember Duncan Hunter, the vaping congressman who spent $625 on flights for his pet rabbit? Well, despite pleading guilty to “felony conspiracy for converting campaign funds to personal use,” he’s still going to get his congressional pension! I mean, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em?

  • According to ProPublica, a Navy decision to replace steering instruments with a touch screen system on a destroyer contributed to a crash that killed 10 sailors. Quoting a former senior officer, “The (new system) has no place on the bridge of a U.S. destroyer… It’s not designed to have the control that you need to navigate a warship.”

  • Read Cat Zakrzewski’s overview of why Ivanka Trump speaking at CES does not address the (very valid) criticisms of the technology conference’s lack of female voices.

  • And finally, please read Suzy Loftus’s lovely “What I learned in 3 months as San Francisco’s D.A.” in the San Francisco Chronicle, as the office prepares to swear in her opponent today.

Have I told you lately that you’re awesome? Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy