My Presidential Platform Is Using Everyone Else As Mosquito Bait 2020

Good morning, darlings! It’s Thursday, it’s August, and I’m covered in at least ten mosquito bites from a tiny assassin who attacked me with impunity overnight. So if you have histamine-reducing tips that don’t involve taking a Benadryl and passing TF out (girl’s gotta work!) please send them my way.

And no, I didn’t watch either of the Dem debates because I’ve made a personal rule that I won’t watch until we’re under 10 candidates. Oh, and once we stop giving Marianne Williamson a normalizing national political platform.

Let’s get into it!

  • If you’ve ever had an unsolicited--therefore not consented to--picture of someone’s private parts sent to you (which, ew, just don’t do that, seriously, that’s awful and predatory and JUST STOP), you’ll appreciate this dating app product announcement: Bumble says it will soon detect lewd images sent on its app. Weird comms comment: I actually appreciate that Bumble’s team allowed real language to be used in the CNN interview, as it shows a humanness often PR-ed out of conversation: CEO and founder Whitney Wolfe Herd said they are ”desperately trying to build safety products to engineer a more accountable internet, not just talk about it." FYI, the atypical description included is "desperately."

  • I LOVE that we’re discussing why it’s insane we ship cleaning products around the world that are primarily water: Vive le Add-Water Revolucion!

  • Louder, for the folks in the back: No, Professors Aren't Discriminating Against Conservative Students. (And FYI, this study as covered in Pacific Standard was written by a lifelong Republican soooooo don’t come at me about academic bias.)

  • And finally, A YouTuber Family Is Selling A Doll Version Of Their Newborn Son For $340 because you betcha, this sure is a dystopian apocalypse we’re living in and everything is super gross!

You’re lovely :) Be kind to each other, and to yourself.

Xoxo Amy