My Rescued Work Plants Are Getting Along Quite Well With My Own Plants, B-Roll At 11.

Poppets! It’s Tuesday, it’s nearing the end of April, and it’s still quarantine! And since the Bay Area has (rightfully and thankfully) extended shelter-in-place until the end of May, I am now accepting song requests for new music to learn to play on acoustic guitar, and happily taking funfetti cake recipe suggestions, as I plan on eating cake most days of my Birthday Month of May. Because if the outside temperature rises whilst I am cooped up in my top-floor apartment, I cannot be held responsible for just how far I regress into childhood comforts. 

And my darlings, remember how I told you about my favorite local grocery and how much it broke my heart that people were being rude to them while they, you know, KEPT US FED DURING THE APOCALYPSE?!?! Well, Hayes Valley neighbors have put up a big THANK YOU sign on the outside of the store and tons of people signed it to express their gratitude, and I’m feeling a little better about humanity today. Also, why isn’t there a new 2020 style of calming island music called Apocalypso? [Touches earpiece] I’m sorry y’all, my producers are telling me that I am no longer allowed to “tell” “jokes” “ever” “again.” 


  • So Brian Krebs at KrebsOnSecurity has been tracking the registration of thousands of domains with “reopen” in the URL followed by a city or state, and get ready to put on your shocked pants: the “majority of them are tied to various gun rights groups, state Republican Party organizations, and conservative think tanks, religious and advocacy groups.” 

  • Meanwhile, one of the people behind ReOpen NC “says she tested positive for COVID-19” - and is still yelling about “how the restrictions put in place amid the COVID-19 pandemic are violating her First Amendment rights as well as her 5th and 14th Amendment rights.” And by the way, her group is continuing to hold rallies every week. Coolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcool.

  • And a reminder from Bloomberg (louder, for the folks in the back): We Can’t Get Together Until Tests Get Better.

  • To my parent subscribers out there who are currently at home trying to teach their kids as well as do their jobs; you’re all freaking warriors: ‘It Was Just Too Much’: How Remote Learning Is Breaking Parents

  • Whomever sent me this, I am SO sorry I didn’t include your name in my daily notes, but let it be known I am SO grateful you did. Because now I know that flamingos are petty AF and live for drama: Flamingos have friends, enemies, and even romantic trysts, 5-year study reveals.  And thank you Science Magazine for essentially become the Avian US Weekly we didn’t know we needed. 

  • And finally, THIS IS NOT A DRILL: The Pentagon Has Officially Released Three Videos Showing UFOs. As someone on the twitters pointed out yesterday, the world is so broken that that news didn’t even trend. 2020 is bonkers.

You’re all delightful and we shall get through this together. Obviously I’d like you to be kind to each other, but how ‘bout you be kind to yourself as well?

xoxo Amy