[Narrator Voice] Why Yes, It All Went Wrong. Quite Predictably Wrong.

Sweethearts! We’re nearly halfway through the month, which means only a couple of weeks until 2020, and… oof. I hope you’re all eating holiday foods in anticipation of hibernating, because we’re going to need that energy to knock on doors during the upcoming election season.

To the internet!

  • If I was to tell you that the national pastime of my northern brethren was a pretty white sport, I imagine you wouldn’t argue with me. So it just sucks to read stories like this: Blackface, Slurs and the Player Who Brought a Racial Reckoning to Hockey. Hey fellow white people, including the current prime minister of my home and native land: if you’re ever thinking about putting together a costume, and the thought crosses your mind to wander into shades of the make-up aisle much darker than your own, JUST STOP. Just. stop. Just stop! Please. JUST STOP.

  • I don’t understand how this exists in The New York Times, but I appreciate that it does: America’s Public Restrooms Are Kind of Great Now. MORE PUBLIC RESTROOMS, PLEASE!

  • Reason 3,578,322 that I am eternally thankful that I went through puberty before the age of social media: Thousands of College Kids Paid to Work for a Viral Party Kingpin. What Could Go Wrong? Spoiler alert: IT ALL WENT WRONG. Also, before applying to a job at an org called I’m Schmacked, take a breath and consider how it might look on your LinkedIn profile.

  • And finally, in the spirit of birds doing great things, friend of the Missive Marc would like you to know about London’s Don Crown and his busking budgies and let me say, they do NOT disappoint.

Y’all are lovely. Be kind to each other. And do something kind for yourself today.

xoxo Amy