Never Age, Because You'll Discover The Myriad Ways A Body Will Ache After Lifting Heavy Things.

What’s happening in Texas is horrific. Extreme weather has brought the state to its knees, with millions without power and much of the state being told to boil tap water. Eater Austin has a comprehensive list of ways to help Texans in need.

Sweethearts! I’ve been MIA, moving a mere two blocks in San Francisco while cursing the fact that I have stuff that needs to be moved. Yesterday, while the movers were masked and hauling stuff down from my third floor walk-up, one of them remarked that I had a lot of boxes. My first instinct, because I’m a people pleaser who just wants everyone to like her, was to apologize to the person I was paying by the hour to move my stuff, and then my second instinct was to mumble “but most of the boxes are books” and awkwardly busy myself wiping down the kitchen sink.

So now I am sitting in a sea of packing paper, bubble wrap and cardboard in my new space, cannot find my TV remote to save my life, and am wondering why in all hell I own so many damned mason jars. Wish me luck, because this 36-year-old body that’s been cooped up behind a computer for the past year aches and I can’t find the Advil. Never has there been more of an incentive to get in better functional shape than my current physical state, glued to my couch and glaring at boxes that just won’t unpack themselves, darnit.

Anyhoo, here’s some internet I probably haven’t read yet, because those 20,000 moving steps didn’t happen on their own. 

Stay safe, wear your mask, and be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy