New Zealand: Find (and Donate to) the Helpers.

All, I am off work today so there is no Missive, but as we learn more about the terrorist attack on mosques in New Zealand, I wanted to share a few ways you can help if you’re feeling helpless—as I am— in the face of such horrific news.

  • Donate to the New Zealand Red Cross.

  • The New Zealand Council of Victim Support Groups has created an official fundraising page for victims and their families (seems traffic is slowing the site down.)

  • Support your local Islamic community. After the Pittsburgh shooting, our synagogue received messages of support from religious (and non-religious) communities of all kinds, and it meant so much. Demonstrate that you stand with them in the face of violence.

  • The Southern Poverty Law Center has chronicled the rise and proliferation of online hate for years, so sign up for their newsletter and consider donating. A note: just yesterday, their cofounder was removed from the organization because of allegations of misconduct, but since it seems this man wasn’t involved in the day to day, I still encourage you to use the SPLC as a source for information about hate movements.

  • Robert Evans of Behind the Bastards has been one of the fiercest chroniclers of alt-right movements and the destruction they’ve wrought, and is crowdfunding for an audiobook history entitled The War On Everyone. He is one of the few journalists out there who truly understands the historical context of modern hate movements, so let’s make sure he keeps writing/talking/shining light on this.

This is a woefully incomplete list. If you have charitable suggestions, please send them to me and I’ll share on Monday.

Be kind to each other, my loves.