No, This Newsletter Is Not About The Lindbergh Baby, So Stop Asking.

Hey there cuties, I hope your week is treating you right so far.

On a podcast, Bay Area sportsball hero Steph Curry questioned whether or not we humans actually landed on the moon. And hey, did you know that enough people believe the same thing that the UK National Space Centre actually has a page on “How Do We Know The Moon Landing Really Happened?” I think it should be international law that if anyone questions the veracity of the moon landing, Buzz Aldrin is deployed to find them and lecture them sternly.

The Girl Scouts of America posted an article titled "Reminder: She Doesn’t Owe Anyone a Hug. Not Even at the Holidays." to show how important it is “give your girl the space to decide when and how she wants to show affection.” The author walks through how holidays can be used to discuss consent at a young age, knowing that she has the right to hug or the right to hang back and say ‘nah’ should she want too, or to express her gratitude in a myriad of non-physical ways. And by the way, this article should apply to boys as well, and I’m saying that as someone who has to use all of her willpower to not scoop up adorable creatures and squeeze them. Now just you wait, not in, like, a weird Lindbergh baby sort of way. Oh god, this section is getting away from me, next topic!

And yesterday, in the Thriller of Vanillas (don’t worry, I’ll workshop it), Trump brought House Minority Leader—and likely Speaker of the House come January—Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) to discuss… you know what, it really doesn’t matter, because POTUS brought in the press pool and started bickering with both of them for the cameras. In the ensuing spat, Trump demanded that The Wall be built, and then said a whole mess of stuff that WaPo fact-checked.

And Pelosi was not having it, causing Trump to reportedly “rage” after the meeting. And the internet went wild over Pelosi's stroll out of the White House, as evidenced by this Vanity Fair hed: Nancy Pelosi and Her Sunglasses Declare Silent Victory After Oval Office Showdown. Her daughter, SF politico Christine Pelosi, loved the whole thing.

And you know, I never thought I’d share a screenshot of a Bill Kristol tweet in the Missive, but 2018 is absolutely insane, so YOLO.

I love y’all. Be kind to each other, mmmkay?

Xoxo Amy