No, You’re Not The Only One Who Seriously Considered Turning Their Living Room Into A Permanent Pillow Fort This Past Weekend, Why Do You Ask?

Darlings! It’s a gloomy morning in San Francisco, foggy and chilly and dark. Which is how I like it, so excuse me whilst I bundle myself in blankets and consume all of the hot coffee I can muster.

Today in “sometimes, technology is pretty cool”: last night on our family FaceTime, as often happens most nights, we had folks in San Francisco, New Orleans, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria and Baffin Island laughing our butts off over some silly joke. I just had to stop and note how freaking amazing it is that all of us could be talking, together. So anyway, FaceTime is on my gratitude list today.

And I have a new podcast I am bingeing, which I am sure y’all curious folk may have already heard of: Science Vs. Recommended by the fabulous Friend of the Missive Kate, it’s an excellently researched but super fun look at the medical and scientific explanations and/or debunkings of “fads, trends, and the opinionated mob”. And Dr. Anthony Fauci is a regular guest! I started with the ep on probiotics and quickly moved to the ep on why heartbreak hurts so badly, and have now hooked the podcast directly to my veins. Check it out!


Thanks for reading! I’ve had a very difficult couple of weeks, as I know many of you have, and I am grateful as always to have the chance to chat with you every(ish) weekday morning. So be kind to yourselves, and please wear a mask, won’t you?

xoxo Amy