Not-Bitcoin Bail, Racist Gateway Drugs, and Lies on Lies on Lies.

Darlings, happy Monday. I was going to craft and share a few bon mots about nursing sunburns on super-pale Canadian skin but thought better of it. You’re welcome.

Having had a conversation about the politics of blockchain after participating in the fantastic party game The Racket on Saturday, I appreciated reading Max Cherney’s explainer on why the FBI wouldn’t let a court take cryptocurrency as bail for an arrested hacker. Essentially, the accused held millions of dollars in smaller cryptocurrencies, and a sale of some of his holdings to post bail could tank the currency prices. I was going to craft a bitchy line about having a centuries-old monetary system regulated to prevent such volatility, but I thought better of it. But sure, let’s put everyone’s retirement in crypto. What could go wrong?

Over at Reveal, Aaron Sankin continues his Sisyphean quest to find and expose the machinations of 2018 organized hate, calling Alex Jones and InfoWars (fuck no, I’m not linking to them) “the gateway drug for white supremacists.” And hey, Silicon Valley? Bending over backwards to continue holding a megaphone for this vile man isn’t a great look. I was going to craft a withering yet charming takedown of the complicity of tech CEOs in moral erosion from “both sides” false equivalency, but I’ve wrung all I can out of this line construct repetition, so I won’t.

And finally Rudy Giuliani doesn’t want the Orange One “trapped into perjury” if interviewed by special counsel Mueller, and that “Truth isn’t truth” (SURE JAN.) Missive PSA: a super fun way to avoid being trapped into perjury, or to avoid suffering other consequences of untruths, is to not lie. Or for a country not to elect a known liar to higher office. Oh dear, I’m losing the plot…

Be kind to each other. And go drink some water, ok?

xoxo Amy