Not-So Global Entry, Holding Silence, WTF Workplace Stats

Darlings! While you’ve been enjoying your week, I’ve been getting caught up on the crazy dramz on my new favorite Twitter account, “Best of NextDoor.” Dear ND comms folks: I am so sorry you have to deal with it. Deep breaths.

Emma Gonzalez, the Parkland survivor and student activist, held the stage during the D.C. ‘March for our Lives’ and stood silent for over four minutes after reading the names of the victims. And her leaning in to that silence, in which you hear the crowd get restless, start chanting, start murmuring, and finally go quiet, was so unexpected, and so powerful. These kids are goddamned amazing.

In case you’re wondering about the myriad of ways the Feds can fuck with legal weed, a Californian man had his Homeland Security Global Entry status revoked because he owns a cannabis company, which is legal in his home state, but is not legal at the federal level. So yea.

In the need for a good blast of adrenaline from pure unadulterated rage at the state of our world? On Twitter, Hunter Walk shared the NYT book review of ‘That’s What She Said’ by Joanne Lipman. The review itself is chock full of stats on the state of women in the workplace guaranteed to get you mad. But in particular, I wanted to draw attention to this one section: “Lipman quizzed male executives on what it was about working with women that flummoxed them most, the resounding consensus was a crying woman. When women cry, a man’s testosterone drops, which makes him depressed. If he only knew that women typically don’t cry at work because they’re sad. According to the research Lipman cites, women cry in the office because they’re angry.” (emphasis mine.)

Seth Rosenblatt takes a look at the security and fake news risks of chat bots and welp, it sure aint gonna help that anxiety of yours on this Tuesday morning.

And finally, it is so very rare that I agree with a columnist in the New York Post, but here we go: Liberals refuse to face the left’s growing anti-Semitism. Happy soon-to-be Passover, friends!