Now Hear Me Out: Yoga, But For Birds. Who’s With Me?

These cold opens are increasingly hard to write and I don’t know if I’ve lost all creativity, or if it’s just my brain finally relaxing a bit after over four years of clenching in constant fear. Anyhoo, here’s where I’d put something super cute and clever and inspiring to kick us off, but instead all I’ve got for you before the caffeine kicks in is an otter gif (side note: can we get new otter gifs?!?! I feel like I’ve been using the same ones for years.)


Ooof, I need to end this on something happy… here’s another otter gif for ya.

And challenge of the day: you know that person you’ve been thinking of calling and reminding them you care about them? Why don’t you do that?

Be kind to each other.
xoxo Amy