Oh Hey There 2016-Like Panic Attacks, How I’ve Missed You!

Good morning, my darlings! The Iowa Caucuses were yesterday / still going on / never ending / with us always, the results of which I have studiously avoided because if the angry posts I’ve seen on Facebook decrying every candidate other than the poster’s preferred are any indiction, the Russians are sitting back and just laaaaaaaughing at how this whole democracy thing is working out for us. Instead, I donated to Austin Hunter, a friend who is running for DCCC in San Francisco and will be on our ballot on March 3rd, so that I could feel as if I’ve regained some impact over the political maelstrom. Sigh.

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ANYHOO. The internet is still out there, so let’s go see what’s up!

  • Speaking of protecting against online disinformation, CNN had a good piece on the Democratic Party team fighting organized efforts to derail the primary. Does it help my anxiety? No. No, it does not. 

  • An artist filled a little red wagon with 99 smart phones connected to Google Maps and walked up and down a street for a while, making Google think that there was a traffic jam, causing the site to re-route traffic to create a traffic jam elsewhere and oops, I’ve gone crosseyed. It was in Berlin, so rewrite the lyrics to Luftballons and ship that jam to TikTok already!

  • In headlines that seem like a joke but are actually an example of how media may get out from under private equity companies, Cards Against Humanity Bought Clickhole. The satirical-but-just-how-satirical-can-it-really-be-in-2020? publication will “operate independently, with financial support from Cards Against Humanity.” 

  • And finally, McSweeney’s is once again ON IT: Doug’s Meditation Class Is Canceled. And in their words, “free to tweet or subtweet your dissatisfaction with us, since those are the times we’re living in”.

You’re great. Be kind to each other and to yourself, ok?

xoxo Amy

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