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The tale of how the Senate’s Trumpcare bill failed is a dark and winding one, full of terrors, tweets and a steak dinner at the White House. But especially when it comes to the straight up or down repeal, it is due to three Republican women Senators who had zero fucks left to give and hundreds of thousands of constituents who would be dramatically and painfully impacted by the repeal.

Sometimes, I <3 Shepard Smith, especially when he, via an interview with Mediaite, tells Sean Hannity that “Sometimes facts are displeasing.”

From the New York Times about the implausibility of the storylines surrounding the Trump White House: “Chekhov’s gun is not supposed to be fired skyward like a flare.” My God, I love theater humor in the morning.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in D.C.:

And for most some excellent and pop culture-topical LOLs, check out Reason’s “Game of Thrones: Libertarian Edition.”In other news, I am a political comedy clickbait mark.

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