Over to You: Robotic Walmart Bees, Grizzly Bear Invasions, Why You're Mad at the GoT Producer Dudes

Sweethearts, I guess I wasn’t great on the internet yesterday, because I didn’t share much with my Instapaper. But luckily, y’all are delightful news nerds who never fail to send me great stuff, so let’s turn it over to a few of you to fill your tabs this morning.

  • Friend of the Missive Adam sends along the news that “Walmart is applying for a range of patents using drones to automate farming,” with which he included the following email that basically sums up my 2019 experience (and yes, I have permission to share this, I’m no narc, narcs.)

  • FotM Colin—who also shared yesterday’s piece about babies named after Game of Thrones, a dastardly omission of source reporting on my part. The typewriter monkey has been appropriately flogged— shares a meditation on What Is Writing, Exactly?

  • BotM (brother of the Missive) Ben sends along this long tale of Grizzly Bears in British Columbia’s Bella Coola Valley, which of course reminded me of a time a Canadian ranger in Waterton ever so politely asked us to move along because a baby bear meant a Mama bear close behind, ready to eat your face.

  • FotM Schuyler shared this thread that might explain why you’re SUPER peeved at Game of Thrones right now (word nerds FTW! Also: I'm still mad.)

  • And FotM Katelyn shared my current spirit gif, and so I share it with you.

Hey, be kind to each other, won’t you?
xoxo Amy