Parades of Insipid Hashtags, and Other #Fails of Capitalism

For those who might be shocked (shocked!) that a Kardashian is getting more than just personal satisfaction from promoting laxative teas, I suggest you cover your monitor to protect your delicate sensibilities. Bloomberg reports that the Federal Trade Commission is “planning to get tougher on” celebrities who are paid to promote a product on their social media feeds but neglect to disclose it, or disclose it by including #spon in a parade of insipid hashtags. In case you want to hate capitalism more, take a gander at what these social media influencers make per sponsored post.

John Brandon at takes a look at Marissa Mayer’s rumored 130-hour work week and comes to the same conclusion I do: nope nope nope.

And finally, the eggless condiment company that was sued for using the term “Mayo” in their flagship product name and put on blast by the FDA seems to have been engaging in some good ol’ fashioned growth hacking. Emails reveal that people were hired to go in and buy up Just Mayo from "Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and other top U.S. supermarkets."