PE: Downward spirals and the first amendment

Oh humble political junkies, today we draw attention to those on-and-off-line musings that fill us with dread, or joy, or something. The race to 2016 promises to be either the best, or worst, or only, *full* presidential campaign this New American has ever experienced, and I thank you for joining me in observation and existential angst. Oh, and puppies.

Today, in quotes:

Alex Isenstadt at Politico reminds us to pity the staffers in Inside Rand Paul's downward spiral

“It’s such a negative environment,” said one Paul aide. “Everyone is on edge, and no one is having any fun. They need to recapture some of their positive mojo, and fast.”

Re: that pesky first amendment thing, my conservative girlcrush S.E. Cupp over at the Daily News nail's Mr. Trump's "free" "speech" "issue" in Donald Trump's disgusting disrespect for a free press: He and Michael Cohen treat reporters as threats to be intimidated into silence

"This is all just more of the carnival that is Trump’s presidential run."

Quittin' time, y'all

"Until the 1970s, every state in America had an exception in its rape statutes for spouses; the first state to criminalize spousal rape was South Dakota in 1975." - Anna Merlan at Jezebel, A Brief Overview of Dudes Who Are Pretty Sure You Can't Rape Your Wife


"Moreno's departure will mark the fourth female employee to leave Reddit in the past month" Trisha Thadani at USA Today, Reddit loses yet another prominent female employee

Until next time, engaged mini-masses. As my colleague Dan noted, I hope your day is going better than all of these super awesome dogs having a couple o' Monday issues.