Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Brands

Morning y’all! I had written this long and introspective piece on why I feel that Lyft has earned its positive public portrayal in the face of Uber’s eternal dumpster fire, but then I realized that I had other things to share with you that were less PR-naval gazey. So here we go.

  • Read this Quartz piece on how obsessing over self-improvement can be a detriment to society. It posits that if society fetishizes achieving individual utopias through technology, then that collective energy is not directed towards improving the world we live in now. And we all know how hellbent on improving our collective existence I am right now (see link below.)

  • Quartz also reports that the typeface Comic Sans was designed for the canine ancestor of Clippy.

  • And here’s an opinion I can relate with: the Trumpian all-male photo opp isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. Don’t tell the folks who unsubscribed after my Legs-it rant yesterday, but I may think there’s some weight to the argument that the Trump White House is continuing its campaign of "aggrieved masculinity.” As Jill Filipovich says, "For liberal women, this latest all-male photo is a visualization of our worst fears realized. For many Trump supporters, though, it’s evidence of a promise fulfilled."

And finally, put some headphones on and crank up your iPhone volume because HOLY HELL WE NEED SOME JOY RIGHT NOW, here are Teletubbies dancing to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, which you shall never unsee.