Peak Sleeve, Bad Marketing, and Clowns NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Top of the morning, Mischevians! I’m fighting a cold today, so let’s get to it. But also send cold remedies if you’ve got them, because while everyone else is on holiday, I’m trying not to rub my rose off with tissue.

No, I didn’t watch Trump’s speech and no, I really don’t care to, especially because none of this is surprising for any of us who’ve been hollering about this awful man since that fateful escalator ride. And while I am glad that some folks in the media are finally discovering that this man is not fit to be in the Oval Office (YOU DON’T SAY,) I still have this reaction whenever I see anyone surprised by anything that he does.

I’ve had some wonderful submissions from friends and readers as of late, which are helping my plow through my cold medicine fog.

Stefana reminded me that I love Erin Gloria Ryan so very very much: We Have Reached Peak Sleeve Madness.

Aaron sent this in from TechCrunch: ACLU taps tech to help the public hold district attorneys accountable to criminal justice reform. This is a good thing: more people should know who their top elected law enforcement officials are, and should understand the role of DA offices in determining public policy.

On a less serious note, Colin points us to the fact that Germans are selling MDMA tablets in the shape of Trump’s head, which I am sure is in no way terrifying if you are high on said MDMA. And then Colin also pointed us to BoingBoing’s coverage of Calgary airport regrets converting disabled parking spaces into "Lexus only" parking spaces, a major marketing misfire that would also be difficult to navigate on MDMA.

But before we make fun of Calgary (and if you do, I’ll find you and yell at you,) my Mum wants us to know that window washers at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary dressed up as super heroes for a day, and I’m not crying, you’re crying.

An unnamed reader told me that American Horror Story is returning and it involves the election and clowns, so NOPE NOPE NOPE. And yes, it is true that I watch scary movies muted with the closed captioning on so as to lessen the fright. Come at me, just make sure you’re quiet about it.

Hey y’all, when life gets you down, just watch a ridiculously soundtracked video of dogs being wonderful. It’s cheaper than therapy. And whatever you do, don’t cut the bangs of a horse, lest a passive-aggressive note lead to a comment storm.

Toodles, poodles :)