Phoenix Tattoos, Heart-Warming Tweets, and the Opposite of Trump

Happy Friday, dear ones! I’m having trouble coming up with a witty intro this morning, so instead I offer you Kelly Clarkson’s Game of Thrones holiday card. This was pretty much me this week:

When Wendy Davis ran for Governor of Texas, all of us who had raptly watched her 13-hour pink sneaker-clad pro-choice filibuster in the Texas Senate couldn’t wait to see if she’d end up leading the Lone Star State. Needless to say, we were perplexed when our Democratic hero came out in support of Texan open carry handgun laws. Now, in Politico, Davis writes about how she regrets “do[ing] something that was cleverer than it was wise” in the name politics.

This fawning Vogue profile of our “strikingly young and wavy-haired” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has some up in Canada rolling their eyes. Despite my cynicism towards political puff pieces, I love it so much - Canada is one of the most dynamic, young, multicultural, welcoming countries in the world, and it’s awesome to have a PM that embodies that energy. Oh my goodness those eyes.

Also, Canada enthusiastically started welcoming Syrian refugees, and BuzzFeed compiled Canadian tweeted responses. How do I describe it… think of Trump and do the exact damn opposite. If you’ll excuse me, I have something in my eye.

My Mum's response:

Today in headlines I’m surprised anyone is surprised by: Ted Cruz using firm that harvested data on millions of unwitting Facebook users. And I’m not surprised for the reason you may think, it could have been Clinton or Sanders in that headline and I’d still be non-plussed. Why? Because you are the product on Facebook and businesses are built off of that. It’s a brave new world, folks.

Speaking of political cynicism, Tom Scocca, in an earnest-for-Gawker missive, says you should run for office. And in our current state of American politics, I don’t disagree with him.

Ben Affleck now has a massive, mid-life crisis tattoo of a phoenix covering his entire back. Makes my maple leaf lower back tattoo seem positively Michelangeloean, if you ask me. Also, a phoenix? Really? A freaking phoenix? Oy.


I heart you guys. Have a fantastic weekend :)