Please Forgive My 2020-Broken Brain For Forgetting Your Birthday.

Lovelies! Happy Wednesday - can we talk about memory and brain capacity during the past year? Towards the end of last month, before I ventured up to Canada for my quarantine (Day 12, y’all!), I found myself forgetting things, both personally and professionally. Which is, of course, a problem, since my personality is basically built on not drinking, loving dogs, being loud, and having a trap of a mind that can remember nearly every random thing read by or told to me. It got a bit better when I decamped to my fancy subterranean health confinement (that’s beautifully built out and bigger than my SF apartment, I should note) and I think that was due to the change in scenery, but in general 2020 has done a number on my memory, and that’s scary for me. Anyhoo, no deep explanation of that to provide or helpful link to send you towards, but wanted to share in the hopes that there may be others of you experiencing the same thing. And if that’s the case, I hear you, I see you, what were we talking about again?


  • McKinsey issued a rare apology after it was revealed that consultants advised Purdue Pharma on how to “pay distributors rebates for overdoses linked to the (OxyContin) they sold.” 

  • This is mental: a new documentary on HBO tells the story of the the Las Vegas fertility doctor who impregnated patients using his own, ummm… product, without their consent, and the hundred of “unwitting children” who resulted. 

  • If you need yet another reason to look forward to the end of January 2020, know that once Biden is inaugurated, Trump will lose the special protection afforded to him via Twitter’s “World Leaders” policy - will they remove him and his violence-inducing hate from the platform? We can only hope. 

  • Over in the GA special election, we’re hearing a ton of attacks on Rev. Raphael Warnock and a heckuva lot less against Jon Ossoff. Although there are differences between the two candidates in terms of the breadth of their careers, I WONDER WHAT THE MAIN DIFFERENCE IS?!?! You get one guess, and it had better be related to despicable race-baiting by the GOP.

  • And finally: Fourth monolith found near Joshua Tree National Park. As I said on Twitter, I don’t care if this is a viral marketing campaign for a bespoke canned meat, just hook this sweet sweet alien monolith content to my veins.

Hey, be kind to each other and to yourself, ok? And please wear that darned mask.

xoxo Amy