Please Send Your Recommendations For What I Should Read On Vacation Next Week, kthxbai.

Darlings, a reminder that I’m out on PTO next week and will not be sending any Missives, as I’m hoping to fully step away from screens and take a breather from technology. I’ll be back the week after, with so much brain space I’ll have solved all of our current conundrums (note to self: work on expectation management.)

And may I ask a favor? I’ve received so much wonderful feedback from all of you over the last few weeks about a couple of my, ahem, wordier (read: brain dump) posts, and I so very much appreciate it. If you like reading the Missive, might you be willing to share with friends or your social followings? This wee morning note has been a source of comfort and joy for me over the last 5 years (!!!,) especially now during the pandemic, and I’d be so pleased if others might find joy as well.

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Leila Barghouty, Jennifer Gerson and Suzannah Weiss, The Uptight Girl’s Guide To Psychedelics (Bustle) - I’ve been on anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds at various points in my life since I was 16 years old, yet I have never consumed psychedelic drugs because they are illegal and I’ve basically been a traffic cop since birth (if anyone knows how to hook me up with the gig of ticketing people who drive in the HOV lane by themselves, I’m all ears). But I firmly believe we need to consider why using the former substance to medicate is ok, while using the latter is a felony. And when you consider how psychedelics have been tested as medical treatments for drug and alcohol abuse,depression and PTSD, and said tests are showing promising results, it’s yet another reason to question the moral roots of the “war on drugs.” And this is observation is coming from an addictive personality who was able to quickly taper off of dilaudid after breaking her leg six years ago thanks to the assistance of (what was then medical) cannabis, thereby destroying her adolescent horror of “drugs”. Long story short, I don’t know whether high school Amy would be horrified or impressed by how cool I’ve become 😎

Daniel Strauss and Lauren Gambino, Sexism casts shadow over Biden's search for a female running mate (The Guardian) - Just gonna put this quote from this piece out there: ““Women are constantly walking this tightrope of being the most qualified but also likable or tough; pretty and strong but also team-oriented and compassionate,” [Katherine Grainger, a partner at Civitas Public Affairs Group] said. “What it creates is a structure where you never really see the authenticity of female candidates, because quite frankly they’re not allowed to be themselves.””

Clive Thompson, What If Working From Home Goes on … Forever? (The New York Times) - FotM Chris shared this a while back, but I was thinking yesterday about how, when we first began to shelter in place, I started dreading when it would begin to feel “normal.” There was an intoxicating energy in the first month, as we were all in the same boat, all suffering from the same shock of such a drastic change, all united in the fact that we were fighting the same fight and enduring the discomfort and pain together. Now we’re half a year into this and… what has it been for? And without any leadership at the federal level, we’re seeing cases mount and the death toll rise… and none of it is shocking anymore. The tingling fearful anxiety has ebbed, replaced by an ever-present numbness and acceptance. It’s tragic. 

Taylor Lorenz, Why Influencers Won’t Stop Partying Anytime Soon (The New York Times) - Meanwhile, some folks are behaving like this damned pandemic isn’t actually happening. 

Caitlin Gibson, A pregnant woman with COVID-19 was dying. With one decision, her doctors saved three lives (The Washington Post) - And finally, thank whichever sky deity you believe in for our medical professionals, with a specific shout out to ER and ICU docs like FotM Dr. Haley for dedicating their lives to saving ours.

You’re all lovely, I’ll see you the week of August 24th. Be kind to each other, to yourselves, and wear your darned masks.

xoxo Amy

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